Our story begins with lunch at a local restaurant in Martin City, a cozy little community that’s apart of the greater Kansas City, MO area.  Matt Moore began with a simple proposal to his sailing buddy, Chance Adams, “We can buy this building down the street.  I want to do something special with it.  Let’s build a microbrewery.”  Chance’s response was a quick, just one word: “Done.”  Thus the saga of Martin City Brewing Company began.

With a passion for great beer and home-brewing, the two friends, unbeknownst to their wives, began the dream of opening a microbrewery.  Each planning session began with a beer and ended with a beer (or two… or three)!  Eventually, after earning the loving support and motivation from our wives, Kara and Amanda, renovations began in the fall of 2010. Our families boarded the train and began their exciting journey into the microbrewery and restaurant business.

The renovation was assisted with the help of countless friends and family members. Matt Murdick offered his skills as a plumber, chef, and beer aficionado.  Robb Richmiller added his talents in the kitchen and food prep areas. Kara and Amanda supplied innovative ideas and continued support, along with capital and direction for the massive project. After what seemed like a never-ending renovation (and paperwork… and permits… and approvals) Martin City Brewing Company opened as a brewpub to a warmly receptive public on June 3rd, 2011.

We chugged along for awhile, getting into the rhythm of running a fine little establishment.  Soon enough, though, that little building was just not big enough to continue brewing beers onsite.  It wasn’t long before Matt and Chance began planning Phase II.

After a few more years of running the Original Pub, we found time to buy another building across the street from the Pub and seek financial backing for a brand new, state-of-the-art brewery.  Phase II began in earnest in late 2012.  Finally, in January of 2014, we opened the Pizza and Taproom – along with that brand new, shiny building next door…the one we call the Brewery.  Yep, we were finally in the beer brewing business and we haven’t let up since!

By November 2014, we were distributing kegs of our finely crafted beers locally in several KC metro restaurants.  We’ve since branched out into canning and distributing our awesome products in over 200 liquor stores on both sides of the state line. We’ve also had the great privealge of teaming up with restaurants around the metro area for collaboration brews and events.

Our story continues to evolve and change with each passing year. Stop by sometime and see what the excitement is all about… we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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